Name a star

Your mother (or wife or any other important woman in your life) is really a star, so why not Name a Star after her? There are many stars in the skies most of them without any names, so you can name one of them after your woman.

Naming a star is a very meaningful gift which will show that you are willing to go all the way to the skies for your mother. However, naming a star should not be treated to seriously. It is more of a private gesture. The very bright stars, all have names from ancient times, and the stars that you can name are distant. Also, the name of the stars is not an official name, astronomers will not use it. Still this gift is a great idea to show appreciation out of this world, so just take it like this, and name a star for your love.

PS: When you name a star, you receive its celestial coordinates. Write them down and go to your local observatory and ask how to find that star or even watch it through a telescope. Usually, the observatory people will explain that you can’t really name a star but will be happy to find it for you nonetheless. So just remember that this gift idea is for fun and don’t take it too seriously.

Name a star!

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